(c)2009-2015 Cory Robinson


Cory Robinson was born and raised in Hartford Connecticut. At 19 he decided to move to the Greater Tampa Bay area to pursue school and skateboarding. After school was not what he expected there, he decided to move back to the Nutmeg (CT) and finish his education. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 2004 with a bachelors of Art and Sciences in mass commucnications with a focus on film and a minor in painting. Realizing that he had no desire to live in LA or NYC to pursue film he moved to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. He has resided here since 2004. This is where he developed his love for old architecture expecially old found windows. He started painting in reverse on old found windows. He was accepted graciously in the city showing at over 30 locations and having multiple sold out shows. His artwork brings a smile to anyones face has been known to put people in a better mood. Its great for children and adults alike. The whole time Cory has remained humble and modust about his artwork and life. He has a great outlook on life and I’m sure will continue to be sucessful in whatever and whereever life takes him.

- a friend

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